Pomeroy's actively brings entertainment into the pub for you including music, comedy, beer tastings and more.

Be sure to check out whats coming up below and you can click on the image to download a PDF copy to stick on the fridge if you want!

Poms Pub Events Calendar Jan-Mar 2018

Beer Events

Here at Pomeroy's we have exciting and interesting beer events every month. If you have an interest in craft beer and the people that make it, this is for you. Remember to book in quick for these as numbers are always limited.

Beer Baroness Brewery Tours

Come see, learn and enjoy a craft beer experience at the Beer Baroness Brewery behind Pom's Pub.

Tour Options of $25 or $35, Min 10pp required - Email us to find out more.

Half Pint Launch

Wednesday 24th January

Team Beer Baroness and Team Southpaw launching their new collab beer ‘Half Pint’.

Meet the Maker

Thursday 25th January

We’re wrapt to be putting something together with the lovely folk at Hop Federation!


Full Control - Garage Project

Friday 26th January

We are doing the absolute unthinkable and letting one brewery takeover our taps! It’s a pretty big task but we’re sure that you’ll will agree that our mates at Garage Project are the ones to do it. They’re putting together a pretty spectacular selection so don’t miss it!

Post GKBF Set Up - Behemoth & Stray Burger

Saturday 27th January

Our mates from Behemoth will be hanging out in the brewery for beers and amazing Strayburger burgers.

Easter & Hot Cross Burgers - Emerson's

Thursday 29th March

We’ve got a great Easter treat for you all. Thursday 29th of March we’ll have some extra special Emerson’s beers on, including a few different versions of Taeri George! Coming out of the kitchen will be Hot cross burgers and there’s even word that Richard might join us for the night.

Regular Music Acts

Good times are to be had at Pomeroy's and you can find out more about each act below

Lindon Puffin
Renowned for his entertaining upbeat rockabilly folk style and anarchic banter Lindon Puffin’s latest album has been receiving rave reviews with Graham Reid from the NZ Herald awarding it 4.5 stars and describing it as Tom Petty like swirling pop which hints at Crowded House & New Wave equally. Website

Devilish Mary & The Holy Rollers
​Devilish Mary and the Holy Rollers started out trying to be a western swing band, about 80 years too late but who's counting. And they still do that, to the great delight of many swing dancers who'll Lindy hop the night away to their whisky fueled outpourings. Website



The Eastern - Adam McGrath / Jess & Alice

Vintage Blue

Vintage Blue is a Vocal & Guitar duo. Blending their own unique spin on pop music with mellow Jazz grooves and a few originals thrown in for good measure. Website

King Tubs
King Tubbs play instrumental, dubbed out jazzy twists on songs and grooves from The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Police, Chilli Peppers, Earnest Raglan, just to name a few. King Tubbs oozes feel and soul. Their unique combination of virtuosity and electric energy captivates and gets everyone’s feet tapping. Website

La Petite Manouche
La Petite Manouche is a collaboration between Christchurch guitarists Burke Goffe and Robbie Averill, with the aim of creating a blend of the Parisian wartime gypsy jazz music popularised by Django Reinhardt with modern jazz, world, folk, classical music and more. Website

Swinging Telecasters

The duo performs material ranging from classic jazz standards to more modern pieces as well as some pop tunes. Though the collaboration is relatively new the duo have already notched up quite a few gigs in a wide variety of settings – such is the versatility of the format. Expect to see more of these chaps around the new Christchurch this summer.

Bongo from the Congo

Meet Toque. Toque is a musical creation originating in Christchurch. Toque consists of two guys. Their names are Drew and James AKA Fingers and Soul. Website